Hearts Under Fire (Dragons of Ember Brooke)


A dragon operative, Stone, is chasing one of his own. A Dragon has fallen from the sky right into Cynthia’s jurisdiction and as a detective, she has an obligation to find the culprit responsible and arrest him. However, the case becomes complicated when dragon operative Stone becomes involved. Stone finds it difficult working with Cynthia since he chose work over his mate and she is not happy to see him. They need to come to some kind of understanding and fast because the bad guys are closing in.

Strong dragon shifters easily grab the reader’s attention in this exciting paranormal romance! The relationship between Stone and Cynthia is full of sparks and attitude that causes readers quite a few chuckles when they clash, while the emotional turmoil adds depth to the story and the sizzling chemistry heats up the pages as well as causing friction between the dragon couple as they discover that they must work together if they want to survive. The fast-paced plot keeps readers on their toes with surprising twists and thrills and a diabolical enemy. Although the story is a bit on the short side (which leaves the plot somewhat lacking in the extra details that make it a really juicy story), the intense situation facing Stone and Cynthia, the crackling suspense and intriguing characters will have readers turning the pages and holding on the edge of their seat!

E.L. Hurley