Heart of Malice (Alice Worth Book 1)


Still haunted by the demons from the past, Alice Worth has spent the last five years trying to put that life behind her. Under the control of her grandfather's mage cabal for twenty-four years, and forced to commit horrible crimes, her only way out was death. Staging an accident, Alice changed her face, her name and moved across the country to escape. Since then she has reinvented herself and started her own P. I. firm. Hired to find a missing object for a client named Natalie, Alice enlists the help of the new man in her life, alpha werewolf Sean Maclin. 

Deep down, Alice knows better than to get close to anyone, but something about Sean makes her believe she can trust him. When Natalie goes missing, it's up to Alice to save her client and herself from a fate worse than death.

"Heart of Malice" is a breathtaking beginning to what promises to be an exceptional series. The reader falls deep into Alice's world from the first page - a fascinating world of magic, powerful and dangerous crime cabal's, vampires, shifters and other supernatural beings. While not entirely unique, Ms. Edmonds eye for detail gives this story the texture that sets it apart from others of the genre. Her deft ability to traverse between the fantastical and the everyday makes "Heart of Malice" extremely engaging. The relationship between Alice and Sean is equal parts sexy and sweet. The crisp dialogue, outstanding narrative and phenomenal world building will have readers clamoring for more. Kudos to Ms. Edmonds!

 Chantel Hardge