Heart of Ice


Alice Worth is a mage who was held captive by her grandfather for 20 years while he used her magical powers to destroy people, as he solidified his power base on the east coast.  She escaped after faking her own death and created a new life for herself on the west coast with friends and a relationship with Sean Maclin.  Sean is a werewolf shifter who runs a security firm and is the alpha of his pack.  He is patiently waiting for Alice to trust him, which is difficult after her long captivity. Alice’s grandfather is trying to knock a rival out of business and is wreaking havoc in her new hometown.  Explosions and death are rampant because of her grandfather.  Meanwhile, Alice is under attack from someone who hates paranormal beings, so she has teamed up with Sean, who is providing security for her.  

There are previous stories in this series, but the author does a credible job of giving the uninitiated reader the pertinent background information to figure out the basics, without overloading the reader with unneeded details.  After a slow start, the action moves along at a steady pace. The characters are flawed, yet likeable, and well-developed.  The story is unique and holds the interest of the reader.  The author creates a believable world where humans live alongside vampires, ghosts, werewolves, and mages, and sometimes things go terribly wrong.  Alice is a no-nonsense loner, who is learning to depend on others and discovering more of her own strengths.  She has a trusty sidekick--a ghost named Malcolm--who often comes in handy and adds a delightful sense of fun to the story!

Carey Sullivan