The Haunting of Hillwood Farm


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Callie Sinclair has a gift: she can sense and speak to ghosts. When Mrs. Turner, a lonely widow from an old family farm, reaches out to her for help, it doesn’t take Callie long to realize that the presence on Hillwood Farm is real… and dangerous. Adding to the complications is Mrs. Turner’s nephew, Luke, a drop-dead gorgeous skeptic. He is convinced Callie is a con artist scamming his grandmother – until things take a turn for the worse. 

Luke wants to help his grandmother keep the farm from being subdivided, and believing in ghosts is not in his wheelhouse. As the sightings continue and danger grows, he is forced to question his own beliefs as well as his feelings for the attractive ghost whisperer. As the vengeful spirit reaches for Callie, it will take all their combined strength and savvy to survive a supernatural confrontation.

“Hillwood Farm” is the complete ghost-hunting package: vengeful spirits, an isolated setting, secrets, a sensual romance, and an affable, brave heroine facing off against the dark underworld. Callie and Luke share a great chemistry, but it with is the widow, Mrs. Turner that the reader will really sympathize. The setting in Massachusetts is well chosen. The story lacks some truly great jump-shocks and there is nothing really new here in terms of haunted house stories, but it is a fun ride with a solid mystery at its core.  Readers who love classic haunted house stories – with a solid romance built in – will be well pleased with this offering!

Janice Martin