Hatchlings Curse

Helen B.

FANTASY:  Anastasia is the newest and youngest of the dragonshi.  She is able to transform into her dragon soul twin, Jessian, at will. Her mate is Lord Branin Llewlyn, also a dragonshi, and their greatest wish is to have a child. The problem is that all dragonshi are barren. To add further complications to their lives there is Broch; an evil woman who claims Anastasia stole Branin from her and vows to kill her no matter the cost. After doing some extensive flying and research, Anastasia discovers the location where the first mating occurred. There are cryptic writings about matings and certain death for suitors. Will there now be hatchlings for the dragons or more heartache?


This is a very unique story with a truly exceptional plot. The beginning of the tale drags a bit, but builds up to an action-packed chronicle that leaves the reader sitting on the edge of their seat, wondering what will happen next. The battle scenes are just graphic enough to give one the idea of what happened but not enough to make one dwell on the scene. The dragon’s eye view of the scenery is a nice touch. Telepathic communication between the dragonshi is a big part of the story and it really adds to the progression of "Hatchlings Curse". This is the second in a series of books, but is excellent as a standalone. Any fantasy lover would enjoy this epic tale!


Belinda Wilson