Guarded (Silverton Chronicles - Book 1)


Ivy waited, waited and hid. She waited for events in her life to improve and for a chance to start a new life - one without fear, one without the chance of her secrets being uncovered. Hiding was the only way to protect herself from the demon who stole years of her life when he imprisoned her. With each passing day of her newly found freedom, she finds a job she loves, friendly neighbors, and the attention of two men. One man knows more of her secretive past and offers her the answers she desperately needs. The other man longs for a future with her and offers her his heart without strings or obstacles. Her job sets her on the path to investigate a missing person case in which Ivy ends up as the next target. Will truths surface in time to save her life?

Using the real world atrocities of human smuggling and the agony of missing children in combination with the paranormal world piqued this reader's interest. Add in the tension of impending danger with each age turned, this worked up to be a great read. The storyline faltered dramatically concerning Ivy. She was a brave character with flaws. Unfortunately, her many flaws alienated her from the reader instead of endearing her. Her number of love interests, her overwhelming insensitivity to other characters, and immaturity added up to being an unlikable heroine. Overall, this was an interesting twist on a detective novel, but the character detracted from the overall enjoyment.

Amy Willis