Golden Dawn (The Unborn Trilogy Book 1)


Herald is one of the unborn and has come directly from Hell. He is now living on earth doing his father’s bidding - which is to protect his vast lands from invaders at any cost. His father’s latest request is that Herald protect his greatest treasure, which lies within the castle walls. It is an angel that he has entrapped within the confines of a giant crystal. His father, Stefan, wants the angel to leave the crystal so that he might feed on her blood. Her blood would give him new strength like he’s never had before, but she refuses to succumb to the strigoi’s wishes. Herald finds that every day he guards the angel, he falls more and more in love with her. Is there hope for a Hell’s spawn and an angel?


This story is fast paced and a real page-turner. There are quite a few editing errors that need to be corrected, however. There are misspelled words sprinkled throughout the text which interferes with the flow of an otherwise wonderful tale. The concept of an angel being trapped within a crystal is unique and the story flows well around this concept. This is also exceptional in that the demon, Herald, is attracted to an ethereal being instead of being repulsed as in most good versus evil novels. This isn’t just another vampire novel, even though the unborn cannot abide the sunlight and must feed on blood. It encompasses several different levels of the undead, which is not seen before now. 


Belinda Wilson