Glacial Eyes (Book One of Salt Lake After Dark)


Jasmine “Jazz” Bedeau does not know she is a werecat until a weekend party ends badly. Thrown into the paranormal world of weres, vampires, and witches, she is given the ultimatum of learning to control her talents or die. With the help of the mentors assigned to her she quickly learns the extent of her capabilities, how to shift, and discovers her heightened senses. She also finds that being a werecat has its benefits, including a sexy Cajun dhampyr named Logan, who has caught her eye. When a serial killer targeting the supernatural realm sets his sights on Jazz, things get complicated and threaten her newfound life. 


This book has it all! Filled with mystery, romance, wit, the supernatural, tragedy, magic, and spicy sex, this entertaining read starts out with a bang and continues its pace on each exciting page! Even though the characters are similar to other paranormal characters written in other books, the plot is interesting with plenty of action and twists and turns, to draw one in and keep the pages flying. It is a thoroughly enjoyable tale that is well crafted and fast-paced. The writer does an excellent job of painting a vivid picture, skillfully employing the use of secondary characters to solve the mystery. The characters are well developed, the plot flows smoothly, and the tension builds as a mystery develops.  "Glacial Eyes" is a paranormal romantic suspense that is definitely worth the read! 


Janna Shay