Ghost Moon


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Reeling from a staggering betrayal, Lark escapes to Cape Cod where relatives have left her an old house. Holloway House is plagued with a tragic past and rumors of a haunting presence, but Lark does not believe in ghosts—at least until she has no choice. With his military duty complete, Jesse returns to his hometown to take over his father’s veterinarian practice. He finds himself drawn to Lark, but she makes it known she is moving back to the city. When her safety is threatened, however, he cannot deny his protective instincts. As they give in to their desires, Lark’s presence awakens a decades old mystery, one where the truth will only be revealed when the house claims yet another life.

“Ghost Moon” hits the ground running and the action does not let up until its climax. It follows Lark, a flawed yet strong female lead who, despite having past traumas, does not let them define who she is. As the near perfect Jesse aids her in unraveling the mystery of Holloway House, their romance develops in a natural, realistic way.  In fact, Ms. Knight skillfully weaves the paranormal aspect in with the romance so one aspect does not overshadow the other. The hauntings can be downright scary, though they follow the classic ghost feel such as faces in windows and disembodied crying. While the big reveal may not surprise some readers, it is still a delight to finally know what truly happened. Skillfully written with steamy romance, captivating suspense, and spine-tingling ghosts, “Ghost Moon” is a magnificent must-read novel from start to finish.

Arec Rain