A Gentleman and a Rogue (The Windsor Diaries, Book Two)


HISTORICAL, STEAMPUNK:  Edmund Windsor travels through time once again, to save his world from the gasoline and electric powered existence it has become. It was his first trip through time (that should not have happened) that altered everything, so traveling to 1855 from 2011 is the only thing to do, to fix the mistakes made. Once back Edmund is re-united with Keira Russell, the woman that holds his heart  - and the answer to the their world’s fuel problems. Now Edmund must do what ever it takes to assure that Keira’s project is the Queens choice for the worlds fuel. 

Though Keira wants to save her heart form being broken, can she stay away from the one man that makes her heart happy? Her work must come first, as her findings could change the future of the world. Will Edmund be able to help the outcome, and at the same time assure Keira that he will not break her heart? He also has to make a decision about his future with Keira, but it means giving up his own time and family.


Stephanie Burkhart has reached through time to tell a fabulous story of love and hope!  She creates intriguing and unique situations, touching on forbidden time travel, horseless carriages, scientific finds, and the power of love. Elegantly written with a flow that holds the attention of the reader and leaves them on the edge of their seats wanting more.   With characters full of spunk, readers may be blown away with this exquisite journey through time that steams up, with a blast from the past!


Melody Prat