Garden of Dragons (Dark Gardens #3)


Saron Blakefield, the dangerous Duke of Draloch, has been fighting a war against the dragons and demons of the underworld for years. Every day he loses another piece of his soul. He is also embroiled in a legal battle for Harleigh Hall with the determined Lady Anabelle Harleigh. Despite her offers to repurchase her family home, the Dragon of Draloch is unwilling to surrender to the intriguing Lady Anabelle. When he is awarded not only the estate but also guardianship of the Lady herself, he discovers that she may be the one the Stone of Draloch has meant for him all along, if only he is willing to claim her. Anabelle steels herself to reclaim her home but never expects to be entangled in a supernatural battle — or to fall in love with the duke himself.  Once she sets her mind on something nothing can stop her.

The latest addition to the “Dark Gardens” series, “Garden of Dragons” is a mix of historical romance and fantasy elements. Anabelle is quite unique, while Saron is an excellent, if clichéd, brooding hero. The romance between the two is full of sparks and kicks off quickly. The pace of the novel is slow at times and the story is left unfinished and has a cliffhanger ending, which gives the story an incomplete feeling. Still, the next book (introduced at the end of this one) suggests readers are in for a treat when the series is finished.

Sarah E Bradley