The Four Sworn: Spring Equinox


Abby, Joe, Sara, and William were each just trying to make their living, creating their individual art. The sudden ability to manipulate the elements wasn’t part of that plan. But then they are chosen to represent the four elements and fulfill a prophecy begun a long time ago dealing with their world and that of the fae. They must now learn to control their abilities, find one another, and together defeat Thaddeus before he destroys both worlds.


Ms. Sagaskie blends together multiple mythologies from Native American to Celtic and Gaelic to create this fantasy read. The characters are distinct from one another, and reading about their individual struggles to control their element is interesting. Their individual backgrounds also explain a lot about their elemental connections, particularly Abby’s. The multiple perspectives are helpful without becoming distracting, and the plot has a steady pace to it. It is also nice that Abby’s husband is not left in the dark throughout the book and is supportive. The romance is light and mostly a side plot, as the focus is on defeating Thaddeus. The Taekyrs are actually some of the most interesting characters in the story as they hopefully foreshadow the plot in the next book. Although the story lacks a sense of danger or intensity, it is a great read for lovers of fantasy and elemental magic!


Sarah E Bradley