Forever Magic (The Thorne Witches Book 7)


Gigi was ready to start her life with her new husband, and then everything changed. When her husband Ryker decides to walk away from the Witches' Council to save their marriage. Over the years, Ryker has made many enemies and they are not willing to allow him a reprieve when he decides to leave. The decision puts a target on his wife's back. He and Gigi find themselves in a fight for their lives. They must work together to survive or be separated permanently by death. Will their get the peace and quiet they want?

There is quite a diverse collection of characters in this series, even for readers who have been with this series from the beginning. Gigi and Ryker are two that prove love is worth fighting for. Fast paced and filled with action, this one definitely has a page-turning element to it. There could have been better character development as some seemed to be a little one-dimensional. Those who start the series with this book may want to go back and work their way through the previous installments so they know who everyone is, but they will be able to follow the story easily. It is brilliant how the different aspects of the story come together in the resolution. The Thorne Witches is a series for readers to get their teeth into and enjoy from beginning to end. There are eight books in the Thorne Witches, which means the end is definitely near for this excellent series. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick