Following Fabian: Shrew & Company Book 4


Shrew & Company are paranormal private investigators who always complete their assignments, and psychic Astrid Falk is no exception.  Her current mission, Fabian Castillo, has been hidden away by the traveling circus that kidnapped him as a child.  She speaks no Spanish and he speaks no English, but spoken words are not needed when they touch.  Avoiding relationships since she was betrayed by her former fiancé, Astrid is shocked when her attraction to Fabian blooms.  Can they overcome obstacles to free Fabian from looking over his shoulder the rest of his life while paving the way to a future together?

With an engaging premise, “Following Fabian” is book four in the Shrew & Company series.  Intended to be a standalone installment, readers will no doubt be scratching their heads if they have not read the first three volumes.  The title of the company appears to stand for the name of a human experiment gone bad, but it is never fully explained in this edition of the series.  While Astrid is an all-but-fully-developed strong woman, her forgiving behavior may have readers wondering why she quickly acquiesces to do so.  Fabian’s role in the story, while definitely eye candy, isn’t as strongly developed as that of Astrid’s. Inclusion of background information for the company along with character development would boost this book’s rating.

Roberta Gordon