Flesh and Bone (Blood and Darkness 2)


Her partner has disappeared, and Gray has zero leads and must seek allies in the Hall of Secrets where she discovers a mysterious cult and dark family secrets.  With a new threat to humanity and her kind alike, Gray will have to not only use her dark magic and rely on the person she distrusts the most, she will have to travel from New Orleans to Scotland, Romania and the Underworld to find new magic and raise an army.  After embracing her dark side, she will also have to make a choice between love and survival of her species.

This edgy, action-packed urban fantasy keeps readers hanging on to the edge of their seats with plenty of fast paced excitement, magic, emotional angst and ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ thrills. Readers will find they can’t put the story down once they have begun, and they can’t help but get caught up in all the troubles that seem to plague the heroine of this fascinating story. “Flesh and Bone” is full of intriguing characters and unique elements that blend together to form a well-developed world that ensures that readers pay attention. Because story arc continues through each book and the world is quite complex, readers may find it a bit difficult to grasp exactly where the story comes from if they haven’t read the previous book in the series . Reading them in sequential order will give readers a better understanding of the characters, their motivations and the different groups involved in this multi-faceted and captivating world. This story takes readers on a whirlwind good-versus-evil journey.

E.L. Hurley