Fire Maidens: Paris (Billionaires & Bodyguards Book 1)


Natalie Brewer decided to follow her dreams and relocate to Paris, where she found work in a soup kitchen. When she starts having nightmares about vampires and suddenly comes face-to-face with one, she discovers a whole side of Paris she didn’t know existed… And a whole side of herself she wasn’t aware of either. She’s apparently the descendant of a legendary shifter queen, a heritage that immediately puts her at high risk. 

Tristan Chevalier is a dragon shifter who is patrolling Paris, attempting to track down vampires. This is how he runs into Natalie, but the moment he meets her, he realizes she’s far more than just her legendary heritage to him: she could be the type of woman he can fall in love with. Still, with every supernatural being in Paris on the hunt for Natalie, Tristan will have to defend her with his life and his heart. 

The world created by Anna Lowe in this paranormal romance is strikingly vibrant. The descriptions make the city come alive on the page, making it easy for readers to imagine themselves crossing the busy streets while being chased by myriad paranormal creatures. The paranormal aspect is well done, with all types of creatures bringing their unique heritages, abilities and characteristics to the table. The romance also works rather well. Both Natalie and Tristan have unique qualities that make them drawn to each other, and they’re not your typical hero/heroine. The only downside to the story is that it is a little predictable at times, but that does not take away of how entertaining it is. 

Majanka Verstraete