Fire Maidens: London – Billionaires & Bodyguards, Book 2


Fleeing a stalker and trying to rebuild her life, Gemma Archer leaves Boston and heads for London, England. Her seemingly addle-brained father helps her find a job in the store of family friend where she gets to explore her love of historical maps. Liam Bennett, a mixed blood shifter, is chosen by the Guardians of London to protect, seduce, and mate the Fire Maiden so they can control her power.  It just so happens, he’s already met the woman he suspects is his mate while on the train as she’s headed to a rally in the park. As destiny would have it, his mate and the Fire Maiden are one and the same, Gemma. Sparks fly as the two of them fall head over heels while fighting off a diabolical dragon family intent upon claiming the Fire Maiden and seizing her power for themselves. 

Anna Lowe’s vivid world of shifter politics, protective heroes, and feisty heroines is the perfect backdrop for a sizzling romantic adventure! The second installment of her Billionaires and Bodyguard series, “Fire Maidens: London” is a fast-paced love story filled with blazing action and scorching sensuality. Although the villains seem one-dimensional and not too scary, they serve their purpose, giving a reason for rescuing the Fire Maiden from their evil clutches. Gemma and Liam’s chemistry is a unique mixture of sweet and spicy, ensuring readers will find it extremely hard to resist rooting for their combustible union. Ms. Lowe manages to deliver an exciting story of a world cleverly hidden where the magic of shifters is used to protect Europe and the heart of a lion enflames the love of a maiden. 

Tonya Mathenia