Feeling Death (Death Trilogy #1)

D. T.

Samantha Bevans is a talented investigator for a special task force - not the kind of special task force you hear about on the news, however.  Samantha has a special gift (or some may think, a curse). She can sense victim’s last or final thoughts. This comes in handy when you have a serial killer on the loose, and right now she is investigating one of the worst killers yet.


Austin is married to Samantha and the man she is madly in love with. He’s also a man with a gift used by the special task force, but he also has secrets.  It’s hard to keep things from someone with gifts such as Samantha’s.


Will Samantha have all her questions answered? Is her mind playing tricks on her, does she even want to know what’s going? What will happen to her and Austin if she finds the answers? D.T. Dyllin gives her readers the answers to this and so much more in her thriller-erotic read “Feeling Death”.  Warning: this book does have violence, rape, and erotic scenes. Scenes that help tell the story but may offend some. Readers will be caught up and engaged in the investigation but are then torn away to other very mysterious parts of the story. By the end, however, all the twists and turns are worth it, as all secrets are revealed, leaving the reader happily satisfied. 


Melody Prat