The Faewitch


Sophie is 16, half fae/half witch, who has known only the mortal world. When an attempt is made by a group of Wizards to kidnap Sophie, her mother is forced to return them to the Faery world in order to protect her. Sophie finds herself in a strange new land, where she is able to make new friends and meet her grandfather, the king of the Faery world. Terror still lurks on the horizon, and Sophie and her new friends learn about love, hate, struggles and  triumphs. They soon discover that “they are stronger together than they are apart.”

Author M.J. Boshers has penned a story that, while based on a well-used plot, has creative elements not seen in most YA paranormal books. Unfortunately, a number of readers may find the editing and grammatical errors too numerous to overlook. The characters do not seem to have consistent ages throughout the story. At times, they tend to act as if they are 16-18, and at other times they seem extremely juvenile. Many of the characters and actions seem to jump from one place to another and readers will be lost lost in the mix. “The Faewitch” feels like it begins and ends in strange places — especially the cliffhanger ending, which many readers will find frustrating. With a little work, "The Faewitch" will appeal to  a much wider YA audience. 

Mary-Nancy Smith