Evil Speaks Softly

Marueen L.

Olivia is a successful author, with a pen name and disguises. Her muse speaks to her, as it does with many authors, but currently she is arguing with hers, wanting to make the ending different. When Gage shows up, knowing quite a lot about her, talking about Recorders and Watchers, she thinks her anonymity from crazy stalkers has come to an end. Except, Gage isn’t crazy—though the stalker part is up for debate.  Her muse is angry with her, and he knows why. She doesn’t want to hear what he has to say, until one too many dangerous events happen, and her grandmother is put into a coma. Having little choice but to believe Gage, she sets out learn about her past, and how to control her muse.

If any reader wants to know how the creative process happens for authors who say they have muses who speak directly to their minds, this is a fabulous learner’s manual—albeit a very creepy one. If any authors wonder where their muses come from, maybe this tale shouldn’t be read, unless ghosts and demons aren’t a problem. Though rife with the undead and demonic pacts, this tale is also a wonderful blend of uncovering a hidden past and falling in love along the way, in spite of rules. Both Gage and Olivia occasionally blunder their way around, but their shared desire to face reality and find the truth makes for a compelling ride full of quirky characters. Authors and readers beware, your feelings about muses and writing may never be the same, and one will love every minute of it.

Julie York