Everautumn (The Flameforged Saga #2)

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Virgil is a weaver of fire, and his companion Descarta is a weaveress of water and wind, and a healer.  They can manipulate these substances to defend, protect, or attack.  They are aboard a ship, looking for an island and an ancient city Virgil found centuries ago.  Their companions are a pair of elven twins, Almi and Merrill, Virgil's daughter with Merrill named Elissa, and Hafstagg, a soldier.  Out of nowhere, a leviathan attacks, the ship is obliterated, and everyone washes ashore on an unknown island.  As they explore the island they discover it is the one Virgil is seeking, where the empire Cartesium once existed.  As Virgil explores the once-great city, Elissa follows him to protect him and is lured away by Giacomo, a rival sorcerer who is looking for an heir to succeed him as the ruler of Everautumn, and has chosen Elissa.  

Everautumn is an intense fantasy tale.  It could use a little more backstory to help set the stage for those unfamiliar with the series.  The book is heavy on dialogue, both between characters and in their minds, which bogs the storyline down.  The author also uses a lot of long, unfamiliar words which also drags the tempo.  Action-packed scenes and densely described detail left this reader wanting pictures to accompany the prose!  The highlight is the characters, who are rich in depth, and their adventures will keep readers on the edge of their seats.


Victoria A. Burg