An Eternity of Roses (The Valthreans: Book 1)

Natalie G.
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In 1807, two young members of the nobility overcome the rivalry between their families to fall in love.  Lord Adrian Segrave, the Viscount of Bournemouth, and Lady Emmaline Deramore are three days from their wedding and eager to build a new life together, but a series of supernatural events will viciously tear them apart.  Emmaline’s search for Adrian takes her on grueling journey through wars, changes, and time to find a man without the memory of the love they shared and causing her to question when it’s time to let go.

The premise of this story seems very promising.  The original use of ancient Hindu deities set up a different breed of immortals in this sub-genre.  It’s a shame Ms. Owens didn’t expand upon her immortal world.  Further world-building could have added greater interest to the conflict between the Valthreans and the Cult of the Snake.  Instead they are divided simplistically into good and evil factions.   The characters aren’t well-rounded, and their emotions lacked depth. The villains are very basic, and their motivations are not consistently supported with credible actions.  The ability to suspend disbelief is also stretched.  These problems stop the reader from becoming fully invested in Adrian and Emma’s journey other than to reach the resolution. Ultimately, “An Eternity of Roses” ends up as a predictable paranormal romance with some nice, steamy love scenes.  

Anna Fitzgerald