Eternally Yours

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“Jodie Devlin sucked at life. So she refused to screw up her death.”
Unfortunately for Jodie, she did. Not the act itself, but the timing, she shouldn’t have died so early as a result of suicide. So, after a tragic life, as proof there is no justice in the afterlife either, she is saddled with a job of being Death’s bounty hunter with Luc, the surliest of dead men.
Luc Assante has had it with women. He has been betrayed the ones close to him in all his lives. Now he focuses on having the perfect job record.  He succeeds, until soft little Jodie is assigned to him and starts (oh the horror!) sympathetically listening and trying to talk their prey into coming with them. Who does that?  Pretty soon, he may have to reexamine all the hard earned truths he has held onto. For, what is truth but love? And what is love if not Jodie?
A dangerously amusing and original book, “Eternally Yours” is meant to be savored and enjoyed! The premise is unusual, and the ghost retrieving very interesting. But, even though the contrast in the natures of Luc and Jodie often provides comic relief, sometimes the extremeness of their natures becomes a little too much. Also, the love they felt is explained, it would have been nice to see more of the process, the conversations, even - in the afterlife - some form of dating and getting to know one another. Still, this book's humor, romance and smart-ass T-shirts will definitely leave you smiling and thinking Gina Ardito most definitely has what it takes, that very mysterious and important “it” factor!
Mimi Smith