Entranced (The Soul Mates Series)


TIME TRAVEL:  Claire Winslow is engaged, but wonders if shes making the right choice. She escapes to the East Coast, hoping the ocean will either clear her mind or set it straight. Out of the mist comes a handsome figure. Real or imagined, she accepts his kiss allowing fate to waylay her future. Jack Porter travels across time sensing the soul of his dead wife existssomewhere. He promised her eternity, and hes going to bring her home to 1718.


 “Entrancedhas an original plot with enough secrets and artifacts to make a reader giddy. The tale glows like the magical stone that transports Claire and Jack to find one another, but doesnt shoot sparks. Romance readers crave a strong hero to whisk them away from the everyday. Jack garners a few scenes in his POV, but wasnt given enough time or depth. The heroine works the suspense scenes, relegating Jack to a secondary character. Ms. James finds her stride when Claire is taken hostage by Blackbeard. Its so well written readers will taste saltwater on their lips! Yet, once the chase begins to seek answers and foil fate, readers may grapple to find depth in the scenes. Pacing and plot should work together to build anticipation, and this is accomplished, but too many plot points can confuse a reader, and may not read as believable even in the realm of fiction.


Ms. James has a distinct voice with many strong assets. Through a rip in time there are more stories to travel in this series.


Natasza Waters