The Enchanted (Faerie Tale #1)


Prince Gabriel of Rhyddon is half faerie and half human, but the enchantment bestowed on him is borne from wicked magic. Imagine never being able to see beauty or feel love for anyone other than the evil fae who controls your emotions. Hope comes with the voice of Taryn of Hamilhawk, and the possibility that love will break the curse. 

A good example of enchantment would be opening this novel! Ms. Thorne’s creative plot and three-dimensional characters wrap a reader in magic. The scenes move along with a good tempo, building the challenges and yanking on the heart strings. There are a few too many instances of abrupt POV changes that cause moments of confusion, but quickly get back on track. The least appealing part of this novel isn’t the story itself, but the cover of the book. Gabriel is written as an extremely handsome man, not nearly as daunting as the warrior featured on the cover. 

Both Taryn and the Prince evolve as the enchantment is broken and the evil faerie needs to be thwarted. The secondary cast of family members works well to break up the hero and heroine’s plight. Readers will enjoy the passion as it grows at a believable pace. The honeymoon phase between Tayrn and Gabriel is kept behind closed doors made apparent by reference only. A large bravo goes to the author for her unconventional dispatch of the antagonist, and the beautiful twist at the end of the novel when all is explained. Put this fairytale on the “must read” list! 

Sloane Austen