Electromancer – A Superhero Romance Novel


Alexa Manchester is following in her father’s footsteps to develop a new power source that will ensure available power for the masses.  A new power source called the Magpie is the culmination of his life’s work.  Things go wrong when Alexa reveals the Magpie to an eager public.  The fabled arch-villain Momo makes his move to steal the Magpie at her most triumphant moment but the heist doesn’t go according to plan.

When Alexa tries to stop Momo, an accident causes Magpie’s power to transform Alexa into Electromancer.  Bestowed with extraordinary powers, she joins forces with the mysterious Blue Arrow in an attempt to stop Momo before he can destroy the world with his doomsday device called the Big Zapper.

Deliciously campy, “Electromancer" combines the excitement of a superhero story with the romance of a love story. Written in the spirit of superhero graphic novels of the genre’s heyday, the story is full of bigger-than-life characters and lots of action.  However, it is missing one essential element that made those stories truly come to life – illustrations.  The characters are too one-dimensional and the story arc is too simplistic to keep the reader’s interest on their own.  A talented illustrator could help to fulfill the potential of the author’s vision and bring the story to life for a lot of future fans.

For those readers who want a little camp and fun, “Electromancer” will fill the bill nicely.

Gwenellen Tarbet