Eden's Voice (Sass and Steam Book 1)


STEAMPUNK/HISTORICAL:  It's 1904 and Bruce Caldwell is a reporter for the Boston Herald sent to Ann Arbor to write a series of articles on its football team. It isn't long before he meets Eden Randall, a quirky, independent-spirited young woman who is accompanied by a small mechanical dragon. Eden is unlike any woman he's met before. Eden is insatiably curious and as she becomes closer to Bruce, that curiosity turns to sex. Unfortunately, her mother sees no need to enlighten her on the topic, and the books she finds are rather vague about it all. It isn't long before Bruce realizes he has a rival for Eden's affections, an industrialist whose motives for wooing Eden might have to do with the technology of her dragon. Eden has secrets to protect, among them her precious dragon, who gives her voice and the freedom to be the woman she is determined to be.

"Eden's Voice" offers a delightful, refreshing mix of mid-west history and steampunk magic! The drama unfolds against a backdrop of dragons, Authomechanology and Teletics, and the Wolverines football team. In many ways, this is a character-driven, coming-of-age story. Eden is known as the "weird girl" because she doesn't play the games society dictates. She doesn't know how. She's a character that readers can get behind and invest in. Bruce is her match in every way. He's the quintessential underdog with a strong code of honor, who understands Eden and doesn't want to change her. While "Eden's Voice" entertains and thrills on many levels, it is Eden and Bruce's romance that will keep readers glued to the page and wanting more!

Tricia Hill