Dreams Do Come True


“Dreams Do Come True” is a paranormal romance novel set in a rural backdrop of Macon County. Lynzi Lancaster is human while her fiancé Layne is a fae raised by humans. Werepanthers populate the surrounding woods, which is an issue since werepanthers and fae do not mix well. 

Cattle disappear and the werepanthers are endangering the local ranchers’ livelihood. The major werepanther, Del, is an abusive alpha. He mistakes Lynzi for a witch and believes Layne is dead. It’s important Del doesn’t realize Layne is alive before the plan to take Del out is enacted, breaking up the werepanther pack in the process.

“Dreams Do Come True” features a split cover that could also symbolize the divided nature of the characters. Lynzi narrates the story in first person, which limits the telling. There’s a reference to Macon County, which exists in five separate states, but there is no clear indication if it is a historical or contemporary novel. The short length of the book never allows for character development or even the paranormal angle. Instead, it feels more like a brief outline of a book. The dialogue and characters are a mishmash of old western movies and 1970’s romance novels. The one memorable character is the serene Aunt Pet. The romance between Lynzi and Layne is already established when the novel starts. The novel reads more like a frontier romance, which should be wonderful for frontier romance fans.

Morgan Stamm