A Dream of Dragons

Lauretta L. Kehoe,
Michael R. Kehoe

Henry Williford is a thirty-something freelance artist living a reclusive life, allowing only his sister Heidi and her family into his heart. He is stunned to discover a beautiful naked woman on the beach during an early morning jog. Confused, afraid, helpless as a newborn, and with no memory of who she is, Anne (as Henry names her) instinctively trusts Henry to assist her. As days pass and Anne rapidly learns things she should have already known, such as walking, talking, eating and taking care of herself, the only clue to her past is the nightly nightmares of golden dragons being attacked and burned. With a dark specter dogging them will Henry and Anne live to unravel the mystery and enjoy a life together?


Mystery, suspense, romance and fantasy combine to bring a sweeping tale of humans, dragons, life, death, and love everlasting. The explanation behind Anne’s nightmares is clever and unique. The characters are engaging, but Anne’s child-like naiveté eventually wears thin and she teeters too closely to the edge of "Mary Sue-ism" to be relatable to the reader. While the plot is captivating, the execution leaves much to be desired. Overly abundant mundane daily details tend to slow the narrative. In addition, there are several timeline inconsistencies and minor editing errors that pull one from the story. Lastly, perfectly explained minutiae also leave the reader mired in skepticism. Even with these imperfections this compelling tale pulls the reader forward searching for the answer to Anne’s dilemma and hoping for their HEA.


Carol Conley