Drawing Bloodlines (The Princeton Allegiant #1)


Alexander Manning is a five-hundred-year-old vampire, who also happens to be a doctor, a combination that threatens to cause him quite some harm, especially when he draws too much blood from his patient. When she passes out after catching him in the act, he’s duty-bound to report this to his commander, since keeping the existence of vampires a secret is key for the whole vampire community. Or, he can decide to deal with the woman himself – and of course, Alexander decides to go this path. But rather than coming to kill her as the woman, Elizabeth, fears, the vampire has come to seduce her instead.

The attraction between Alexander and Elizabeth is sky-high. Both of them feel it immediately, which unfortunately takes away a lot of the romantic tension and build-up in the story. Naturally, the relationship between Alexander and Elizabeth is doomed to cause some conflict, and the characters have rather stereotypical responses to this. Alexander is the typical alpha male on steroids, over-possessive and very controlling, kind of like the alphas of the alphas, but not necessarily in a good way. Neither Alexander or Elizabeth have a very original personality, and they don’t really stand out compared to other couples in paranormal romance novels. The author did give a new spin to the vampire mythology, making it more unique, and the story is quite engaging, giving solid entertainment for a night of reading. 

Majanka Verstraete