Dragon Prince (The Dragon Spawn Chronicles Book 2)


HISTORICAL:  Robert the Dark has completed his abusive sorcerer training and has set out to fulfill the prophecy that will restore the dragons and save humanity. Before he begins this potentially fatal mission, he desires to see his sister one last time and comes face to face with his childhood love, Lady Nessa McGregor.  Nessa has been waiting for Robbie for nine long years, but finds the boy she loved replaced by a dark and powerful sorcerer.  While the flame from their youth still burns strong, Robert must find the chosen one - the one who is strong enough to help him become the Dragon Prince and control the dragons.

Old flames, deception, family drama, magic, and a dragon quest - this outstanding second book in The Dragon Spawn Chronicles has it all. Ms. Lochlan has brought every good thing from the paranormal and Highland romance genres and woven them together to make a tale that is strong and vibrant.  Robert is a highly nuanced character whose experience has caused a dark and hard shell to encase his true good nature. Nessa is velvet-covered steel, soft with a strong spine and is an excellent counter-balance to Robert’s brooding. The language used in the dialogue did sound somewhat stilted and was clumsy to read at times and the characters needed more lead time in the scenes where the steam starts to rise.  But for overall interest, these two characters sparkle as they embark on the phenomenal journey that Ms. Lochlan sets out for them.  True peril and a seamlessly built world immerse the reader in this page-turner that crackles with strong magic and steams with romantic tension. “Dragon Prince” stands solidly on its own but readers will want to pick up the first book in this series so as not to miss any of Alyna Lochlan’s stellar writing!

Elissa Blabac