Dragon Knight's Shield (Order of the Dragon Knights Book 4)


HISTORICAL:  Mystery writer Deirdre Flanagan has found success in her career, but not in her personal life. With no trust in men or relationships, she buries herself in her work until she takes a trip to Scotland, where she’s plunged into the 13th century and comes face to face with the leader of the Dragon Knights. Angus MacKay, who is steeped in guilt for failing to protect his sister from death, discovers destiny has other plans for him when his life becomes entwined with Deirdre’s. However, contending with fate is not the only obstacle Angus must face when the fire dragon inside of him decides to ignite.


Although this fourth book in the “Order of the Dragon Knights” series stands alone, a better understanding of the Dragon Knights and their background would be had by reading the earlier books. Beautifully written, this enthralling romance has one sitting on the edge of the seat as the pages turn rapidly. With well-developed characters and a seamless plot that flows smoothly, this tale completely engages the reader with vivid descriptions and an imaginative story. Ms. Morgan successfully combines elements of time travel, magic, knights, and dragons, adds danger, action, and adventure, mixes them with sizzling sexual chemistry and smoldering passion and transforms them into an epic romance that will not soon be forgotten. This captivating story will appeal to readers of many genres and is a boon to any book collection! 


Janna Shay