The Dragon Chronicles: Book 3: Healing


The shifter world is in danger from an evil so old and so malevolent that even the elders are not sure how to fight it.  Add to that the fact that many of the young people who will be called to the fight are still learning of their abilities, and the future looks desperate.

Marissa and Ewain are still coming into their own as healers. Lindy has just learned that she is a dragon-shifter and that Alex is her controller.  As the group struggles to master their powers, they learn something even more frightening - only a dragon can defeat the evil that threatens their world.

“Healing” is a refreshingly original story in the genre and isn’t afraid to break the established “rules” as previously chronicled by other authors.  Dragons and elves are a delightful touch in a fantasy world whose only constraints are imagination.   Ms. Grady delves into her own with great effect in populating her story with fantastic creatures.

Nicely written, “Healing” has a great story and well-developed characters that are interesting in their own right.  At times the pace is slowed down with exposition relating to the other books that came first in the series, but this flaw does not interfere with the reader’s enjoyment.  Although “Healing” is the third in a series, it does well as a stand-alone tale with some great twists and turns along the way.  Great job!

Gwenellen Tarbet