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There are some truths every girl knows.  Then there are things she’s warned against, like getting into a car with a stranger.  Getting into a car with a stranger to meet another stranger at an undisclosed location is most definitely another!  Haven is very well aware of this, but it’s not just any stranger she’s meeting.  It's Jett Cestone, the famous tech-wizard billionaire, and he wants to discuss her true passion - her art.  When he asks her to paint a fresco for his grandmother while staying at his home, it’s an offer she just can’t refuse.
The only problem is once she sets up shop in his home, she doesn’t see hide nor hair of the mysterious and elusive Jett, just hears his voice through the speakers set up in the house.  What could  he be hiding?
Jett wanted to hire a gifted painter. He wasn’t expecting Haven, with an innocence and loveliness that ensnare him. But, there are too many secrets, too much pain and death in his past, and possibly his future - all because of his “gift”.   He doesn’t want her to get hurt - but one can’t always stop love...or fate.
What a lovely, charming, heart-warming story! Haven is such a down-to-earth heroine, one to be admired for her faith and compassion. Jett, the quintessential tortured, mysterious, determined Hero is nonetheless absolutely perfect for her. The road that leads them to love is beautiful! It’s made very clear to the reader by way of wonderful, touching dialogues, with the slower pace of the book deftly befitting the characters. The book could have used a bit more editing and tightening up, but the underlying and exquisite sweetness still shines through!
Mimi Smith