The Descendants (The Souls Series #1)

Jaclyn E.

In the year 2030 the world has suffered from the war against any humans with abilities, under the direction of the terrifying and dignified Doctor Grant. In her castle of darkness, the Doctor performs scientific procedures on the captured humans referred to only as Experiments. Recruited and trained to be a guard almost from childhood, Theo Taylor has never questioned his position as a guard or whether or not the Experiments should be imprisoned, until he is assigned to watch over the longest held and most dangerous Experiment - JG1002. The longer he watches over the intriguing girl, the more he questions Doctor Grant and her intentions, but can Theo be more than a simple guard and save everyone from Doctor Grant, or will his inexperience cost him everything?


A suspenseful and somewhat dark dystopian novel, “The Descendants” focuses on the fear of all super humans - that they will be experimented on for their abilities. The story has a chilling setting, as seen through the eyes of a guard waking from his ignorance and the young women trapped and manipulated around him, making this a prime psychological thriller. Some scenes are somewhat repetitive and at times confusing, depending on the character. Still, the reader will be caught up in the emotion and suspense of the tale. While there is minimal romance and action, the possibility is hinted at in the next book, which should make this book a must read for lovers of dystopian novels. 


Sarah E. Bradley