Demon King’s Desire (Elemental Sisters, #1)



Each of the immortals – demon, vampire, shifter, elf, and fairy – shares a prophecy.  A new race, the Novum Genus, will emerge at the turn of the century bringing salvation or destruction.  Lucas, the demon king, creates the Guardian league and battles against evil immortals determined to rule all.  Then, after centuries of waiting for his fated mate, he hears her voice and discovers she has powers never seen before and an enemy determined to exploit them.  


Paranormal romance fans will enjoy some of the creative elements used in creating this immortal world.  The mystery of the Novum Genus, the coalition of immortals, and the cryptic prophecy are attractive concepts.   The ingredients for an impressive series are present, but a lack was felt with the characters’ development.  Their emotional range seemed limited to what a reader would expect in a fated mate story - lust, insecurity, possessiveness, and love.  (Lucas’s insecure behavior seemed contrary to his role as king.) There was plenty of room for feelings that were unsatisfactorily processed.  Characters adapted from one severe situation to another with an abbreviated response or, sometimes, an improper lack of acknowledgement. Yet, this first book in a series shows promise of better things to come, as enough mystery remains to lure a reader to come back for more fated mate pairings, along with a conclusion to the  prophecy.  As for the steam factor, Demon King’s Desire serves up sultry scenes between Lucas and Jenna, including love scenes with Lucas in his demon form.    


Anna Fitzgerald