Demon’s Fever (Hell Unleashed #1)


Cary Stone is on a mission to land a job at Argos Inc. as a demon hunter. To do that, she must complete a series of tests in order to prove her capabilities. Cary’s biggest fear is that she will be found to be half-demon. Levi Walker is a demon hunter for Argos, but he wants out. That is, until he meets Cary. They must learn to trust each other if they are going to escape unscathed, from a demon-possessed car and those hunting Levi for a crime he didn’t commit. Will they be able to free Levi and solve the mysteries that surround them without giving away Cary’s secret?

“Demon’s Fever” is the first book in the Hell Unleashed Series. It was previously released in her “Dark Fates” compilation. Although the plot is not exclusively original, there are glimmers of excitement running through the book that will keep readers turning the pages. Readers will need to be patient, as the story does not really begin until the third or fourth chapter, and the characters and descriptions used are somewhat confusing. The characters have no real depth, with overdone descriptions that are not truly believable. There are also editing issues that tend to slow the story down. T.F. Walsh has begun a supernatural mystery series that fans will want to sink their teeth into, and eagerly await the next book in the series. 

Mary-Nancy Smith