Death at Dusk (Thrice Nine Legends)

FANTASY:  Teodor Bacheva is a faithful servant of the Crimson Sun, dedicated to protecting the northern kingdoms while war and rumors of war are breaking out on their southern borders. He and his giant companion Tyr Og are to protect Princess Nitalia of Castle Frantisek at all costs. Given her father Count Vlaskorn’s temperament, it will not be easy indeed.  Brenn Dardrogan is an assassin, and a damn good one.  No one, save maybe Krel Traelador, is a better killer. Brenn is lucky they are as close to friends as anyone in the Dusk Legion can be.  They will need all their skills and wits to pull off the murder of a noblewoman and frame the Kingdom of Gaetana for it.  If war is what the Senate wants, he and his band of killers are just the lot to deliver.
Mr. Robertson has delivered a spellbinding story filled with hideous winged wolves, wizards who kill with a touch, deadly assassins lurking in shadows, giants and horsemen, and all manner of magic and so many twists and double dealings, the reader cannot help being swallowed up into its theater.  At times, details of Mr. Robertson’s world are overwhelming with little background to anchor them so it may enhance the reader’s journey to read the companion novels first. The biggest drawback, however, will be the absolute absence of an ending.  A gruesome and depressing event happens on the very last page with absolutely no resolution, no threads tied up and no conclusion to the arc of the story at all.  Still, the author has developed this world down to the minutiae and one comes away feeling they have truly journeyed to another universe where giants and centaurs, wizards and demons do exists.
“Death at Dusk,” is a breathless, high stakes journey and anyone who loves magic and fantasy will devour this then beg for more.
Kimberly Gunvaldson