Dawn of a Dark Knight

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Ashor is a hardened warrior who’s given up on life. The beast within him is getting harder and harder to control and the last thing he wants is to hurt innocent people with his rage. But everything changes when he sees Kira again. Ten years ago she saved his life and suffered for it. He knows that she couldn’t be his. And yet…
Kira wants nothing to do with magi, daemon or the gods. Nevertheless her fate won’t be easy to ignore.  Everything fades when compared to her feelings for Ashor and she has no intentions of denying herself.
This is a fast paced story with a strong mythological core. The warriors’ eternal fight against the forces of evil is nothing new, but the mythology behind it is interesting. Unfortunately there has been such a deluge of books with similar plot.  Ashor is a brave, handsome man with a good heart, a man unwilling to surrender himself to the evil inside.  Kira is a strong and composed woman, one willing to fight for what she wants.  They do have their flaws: Kira is reckless at times, making not-too-smart decisions and Ashor can be deliberately cruel when a simple explanation would work instead. There are inconstancies with their behavior, mostly the way they suddenly change their minds after spending a lot of time resisting. Nevertheless it’s an engaging story filled with action and characters that will catch the reader’s imagination!

Ana Smith