Dark Wine At Dusk (A Hill Vampire Novel)


Cerissa Patel isn't getting the happy ever after she wanted with her vampire lover. Instead, she has more vampire groups attacking her and Henry is determined to protect his love at all costs. What they don't expect is for something potentially not of this world to land in their laps and become part of their fight. Individuals are trying to enslave mortals and Cerissa will do anything to prevent that from happening. Henry, on the other hand has secrets that could threaten his relationship with the woman he loves. Will they overcome the challenges and finally get some peace and quiet together? Or will there be too many challenges for them to face?

This novel is absolute perfection! It continues the story from the first two novels and this addition is fantastic. The action starts from the first page and continues until its conclusion. There are so many different things happening and the story will keep readers guessing with several “oh my gosh” moments thrown in for good measure. Without a doubt, one of the best paranormal romance novels of 2019. Jenna Barwin has set the bar for other authors to reach and that bar will give Everest a run for its money. The plot is engaging and exciting. The characters are dynamic. A gripping paranormal romance that will leave readers aching for more. Passionate, breathtaking and beautifully written!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick