Dark Lord of the Night (Dark Destinies #2)


Dominic Merchant is a youngling vampire and still has much to learn.  On the run from an elder vampire who seeks to own him, he exists by feeding only on the blood of the guilty. As he fights to protect the woman he loves and battle his past, it becomes a journey he will never forget. Cassidy Chandler's love for Dominic is all-consuming and she will do anything to protect him — even the unthinkable. Dominic risks everything for the woman he loves and in doing so makes a deal with an enemy who will stop at nothing to consume him. 

Some stories remain with the reader long after the book itself has been finished.  Author S.K. Ryder's “Dark Lord of the Night” is one of them. Truly outstanding, this novel will have readers rushing out to pick up the first book in the Dark Destinies series, if they haven't already done so, although the plot is deeply engaging and draws readers in immediately. The dialogue between Dominic and Cassidy is enthralling; their love for one another is beautiful to read. Action, romance and an enemy both thrilling and disturbing, make this book a five-star read. Bravo to an exciting and progressive vampire story — hopefully there is a lot more to come!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick