Dark Heart of the Sun (Dark Destinies #1) S. K. Ryder

S. K.

The newest member of a south Florida newspaper, Cassidy Chandler wants an assignment - any assignment, besides the obituaries.  But her own life becomes the side story when she awakens with a bruise on her neck, no memory and a sudden distrust of her fiancé.  Newborn vampire Dominic Marchant is faced with an unexpected roommate who he quickly identifies as having been bitten by another.  Her allure and charm are more than even he can understand as he unwittingly becomes her protector and best friend.  But can he keep her safe from those who would end his life and avoid turning to dust himself?


A fantastical journey and a brave new take on the Vampire genre, present day Florida is the setting for the first installment to what should be a beacon for vampire junkies.  Reminiscent of other vampire-based heroines, Cassidy’s gullibility is not surprising in this polished start to the series.  Handsome Dominic, born on a French colonized island, adds a splash of style and intrigue, however his relationship with Cassidy runs against the grain of his nature.  Cassidy’s fiancé and his background, while light on details, does add extra plot twists which will spike reader’s fascination.  The revelation of Cassidy and Dominic’s true relationship gets murky and may leave readers scratching their heads, but the happily-ever-after promises many more happy returns to this series.


Jordyn Teel