Danville Horror (Pat Wyatt #3)


Patricia Wyatt heads home to participate in her father's wedding. She shows up bandaged and battered both physically and emotionally. Hopefully, a trip home can provide the healing she is in desperate need of. Her past choices seem to continually be thrown back in her face and constant reminders of how she is in the predicament she’s in now. Pat is not keen on her father’s choice of a much younger bride, but somehow Cindy has won her over and delighted that her dad is happy again. Circumstances between Pat and her current love, Mike Wolf, call for some time and distance but she is still very much in love with him. Can time help them move forward or will the distance allow others to create more havoc in Pat’s life? 


“Danville Horror” has a plethora of paranormal for all. This is a creative tale of a spunky human woman who gets herself entangled with vampires, werewolves and shifters. It's deftly written with a steady plot. This third installment does stand alone, however more backstory in the other books may give readers a better grasp of Pat’s past. The plot takes some unpredictable turns and has a wide variety of characters and at times is a bit hard to track who is good and who is evil. Pat is a survivor and her quick thinking, wit and sarcasm take her long way as she perseveres through life. Every time there is a knock at the door, readers may warn to not open it as each guest is another twist in the horror of a visit home.


Viola Robins