Dante’s Fire


There are two sides to Dante Stark. By day he is Daniel, mail clerk for Inferno Enterprises, the company he owns. By night, he is Dante - masked avenger of women being attacked. He must spend his life helping and healing women, and it’s a lonely existence. But why is he so drawn to his co-worker and friend, Selina? Is it possible for Dante to have a real relationship and find love, even when he disappears at random times to help others?


Selina Rogers works for the company owned by Dante Stark. She is hard working, determined and focused on making partner. On her way home one evening she is attacked, only to be rescued by a masked stranger. A masked stranger who appears nightly, to help her get past the physical and emotional trauma. How can she NOT give her heart to this stranger?


WOW! What a unique and interesting twist on superheroes! Even at novella length, this story delivers the goods! Dante Stark is a yummylicious hero that every girl needs. Selina is a woman every girl should strive to be, strong, intelligent and focused. Ms. Probst knows how to make one feel like one is running an emotional gauntlet. Happy, sad, love, hope…it’s all in there. Although the side characters get just a little bit lost, this story is worth every second of one’s time! Ms. Probst is a superhero with the written word!


Tonya Smalley