To Dance in Liradon

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Brigid’s mother is constantly warning her not to wander in the forest lest she come across the Fair Folk and be stolen away.  One day, Brigid’s betrothed, Connell MacKenna, disappears while traveling through the woods.  He returns weeks later, but seems a changed man.  Brigid prefers Connell’s new carefree spirit rather than the steadfast, responsible, boring personality he had before.  But all is not as it seems, and before her wedding day, Brigid will have to figure out what really happened to Connell in the woods and make a choice that will change the course of both their futures.

Ms. Clarke’s fairy tale is a light, wonderfully engaging story that drips with lovely descriptive language and draws the reader in to the world of Liradon.  Everyone will be able to relate to the villagers’ fear and distrust of the Fair Folk, as we know how easy it is to shun things that are mysterious or not easily understood.  Although they are young (probably teenagers), Brigid and Connell still come across as naïve and immature at times, and Brigid, especially, continually makes poor decisions.  However, when the Fair Folk make Brigid an offer that seems too good to be true, she does pause to consider all her options, and for that she is to be commended. This is an unquestionably magical book that asks the question, what is truly worth more – limitless riches and undying beauty or love?

Leslie Stokes