Damnation (Blue Moon Saloon #1)


Years ago, Jess had convinced her wolf clan that they would be stronger if they let her bond with a bear shifter. For his part, Simon worked hard to convince his clan that a pairing with a wolf would be a good strategy. They were both successful. Why then did Simon reject her when she met him to tell him the good news? Now, rogue wolf shifters have destroyed everything and everyone Jess holds dear, except for her sister. She has to get a job, and she’s finally hired at a saloon where her bosses are none other than Simon and his brother Soren. How can she work with the one she loves, when he rejects her at every turn?


Remarkable characters draw us into this story of shifters and their plight. Their hurts become ours; when they are hunted, we too, are haunted by the hunt. What could have been just another mundane story about shape shifters wanting to mate with a different species comes alive with Ms. Lowe's brilliant writing. The back story adds to the present and gives it a rich depth. The secret makes for a unique plot twist and also answers so many questions that the reader has. There is no lack of action in this little book that can be read in an afternoon. Fans of shifters, here is another one to add to your library!


Belinda Wilson