Cursed Be the Wicked


Cooper Shaw is a man with secrets, not the least of which is his real name.  A writer for a travel magazine, he has just learned his next assignment will take him back to his hometown of Salem, Massachusetts. When he left fifteen years ago he promised himself that he would never return.  He buried his secrets, picked a new name, and began a new life as Cole Stone.  


Sent to Salem to cover the Festival of the Dead, his goals are to check in, write his story, and check out.  No sooner has he checked in, however, when he meets Finnley Pierce and her grandmother, Geneva.  With their help, he delves into the past to learn things are not always the way they appear and people are not always as they seem.  Much like Finn herself - there's just something about her that intrigues Cooper.


This is a beautifully crafted story with a plethora of plot twists! Several chapters end as cliffhangers and leave the reader scrambling to quickly turn the page to learn what happens next! This book is a must for anyone’s library so it can be read again and again.


Belinda Wilson