Curse Me Not


Elzetta Swan is a bodywasher, which means she can see auras and cleanse them of any curses that may have been placed upon them. So far she has erased minor curses from her clients, while other clients she assures that they have not been cursed. When new client Olivia strolls in her office and admits having second thoughts about the curse she placed on her dog trainer. This is the first major curse with which Elzetta is confronted. With the help of hunky cop Cal, they begin to search for Claude, who is invoking major curses for the price of minor ones. It is a race against the clock to see if they can capture him before he wreaks more damage.


“Curse Me Not” is a wonderful little gem that is a delight to read! The idea of a bodywasher is unique, yet Ms. Fisher writes so well that one is inclined to believe that they could exist. The characters are all distinctive and easy to get to know. They are all sympathetic, with the exception of Diana. One even feels for the villain in this novel. Each character has a flaw that gets in their way and it is interesting to see how they overcome their adversities.  There are a few typos in the story and it tends to drag somewhat in the beginning, but that is more than made up for later in the book. There is plenty of police action, hot steamy romance, and intrigue in this novel, leaving the reader hankering for more.


Belinda Wilson