Currents of Change


On the run from her abusive husband, Sarah O’Neil settles in her family's old, forgotten home, in an obscure village in New Zealand.  Although barely habitable, Sarah looks forward to the challenge of reclaiming it.  Very soon, however, she discovers why no one has ever wanted it... it’s haunted!  But, with nowhere else to go, Sarah determines to solve the mystery or live with the demons that may dwell there.


Local electrician and widower, Nate Adams is surprised to find someone living in the run-down house next door but when his daughter discovers Sarah, a friendship is formed.  However, there are strong forces that are determined to keep Sarah away.  As the stakes quickly escalate, Nate and Sarah must uncover the reasons Maori folklore and Sarah’s heritage have clashed in such a deadly way - before no one is left to tell!


This story is such an engaging mix of paranormal ghost story with modern-day mystery and suspense that one can hardly put it down!  Ms. Smith weaves historical New Zealand culture and Maori folklore seamlessly into the plot, and then ratchets up the danger, culminating in a wild ride where one never really knows which reality will prevail!  Sarah’s decisions and behavior was sometimes beyond common sense believable and there were places where the storyline was a bit obscure and hard to follow - but, everything came together at the end.  For a nail-biter with a creative twist, this one is a must!


Ruth Lynn Ritter