This Crumbling Pageant (The Fury Triad, #1)


EPIC FANTASY:  It’s 1811 and England is on the precipice of major change. But is it change for the better or worse? Persephone Fury has been different all her life, even among those Magi who are unusual to Ordinary London. Gifted with music and magic so wild she can’t control it, her ignorance puts her at the mercy of those who would use her as a pawn in the biggest power struggle of all: the throne. Everything she’s believed is thrown into question and as she blindly tries to navigate treacherous waters in order to protect those she loves, she must make uninformed decisions that could very well do the opposite.


Patricia Burroughs has created a beautifully crafted epic fantasy so detailed that the reader truly believes there are two Englands, Ordinary and Magical. Among the Magi the Furys are special with not just magic, but musical abilities so powerful that they can hold people spellbound. There are twists and turns that leave one unbalanced, wondering what is next and who to trust. Persephone has a strong will and a deep well of morality, but her unwillingness to think outside the box or to even educate herself in her own abilities makes her appear weak. On the other hand, Vespasian Wyltt is a complex character who knows much, but says little and the relationship between them is most confusing. In addition, the plot plods along in places and the ending is a cliffhanger. Clarification of their relationship, beefing up of Persephone’s character and trimming some excess material would make this story a fantastical journey.


Carol Conley